Jacqui Wood

Born: 04.01.1950

Short Biography

I am an independent researcher and Experimental Archaeologist. Over the last 25 years I have developed a particular approach to discovering the practical aspects of the daily life of prehistoric Europe. This approach is based on the theory that the inherent skills and ingenuity of the prehistoric European is still latent in the people of Europe today. The skills of surviving in the northern European landscape have been forgotten because we no longer have a use for them in our modern day society. During my researches over the last 28 years. I have discovered that these skills are very easily acquired particularly if one is not impeded by any training in the skill to be researched. It has to be approached purely by logic. It is essential though, I feel to not single out any particular skill, but to attempt to do all the required jobs that a prehistoric settlement would have to do, to survive. I have often discovered that it is the by-product of one activity that becomes the vital ingredient of the next. Nothing would have been wasted in a prehistoric settlement it is this holistic approach that has been the basis of my researches and the pivot of many of my discoveries. Some of my published papers are on this website.


I am Director of the Saveock Water Archaeology. An archaeological research centre and Field school with its own multi-period excavation.


I am the Director and founder of the Cornwall Celtic Village which is a reconstructed Bronze Age / Iron Age settlement on my land in Cornwall.


I served a three-year term of office on the Council for British Archaeology’s National Education Committee and was the secretary of the CBA for the south west region also for three years.


I work for English Heritage demonstrating Bronze Age technology, most recently at Stonehenge.


I have lectured throughout Europe on my field, mainly in Italy, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.


I was commissioned to make the Grass cloak and shoes for the ‘Ice Man’ museum in Bolzano northern Italy and also made the exhibits for Expo 2000 in Hamburg for the museum.


I was commissioned by the Orkney Council to make the first replica of Britain’s oldest textile garment ‘The Orkney Hood’ which is now exhibited on the island and a full paper on this research is on the website.


I have read a paper at the European Association of Archaeologists conference for the last five years. I was asked to write a full paper on ‘Food and Drink in European Prehistory for the Journal in April 2000, as a consequence of a paper I read in Ravenna on the same subject in 1997.


I have a full paper published in the Journal Cornish Archaeology on ‘Courtyard House Construction’. I also have three other papers published in various academic journals in Europe.


I wrote an eight-page article for the glossy American magazine Discovering Archaeology that was sold worldwide by subscription and on the newsstands throughout America.


I have been the consultant archaeologist on various reconstruction projects in Italy and Eastern Europe and am at present the Archaeological Consultant to the Eden Project in Cornwall.


I also wrote ‘Prehistoric Cooking’ published by Tempus as a spin off from my academic paper on Food and Drink for the EAA Journal.


I did a Woman’s Hour interview about the book and went to broadcasting house to do a Food Programme for Radio 4 on aspects of prehistoric cooking.


I have been in various television programmes in Britain and Europe. I have demonstrated ancient cooking on national Polish and German television news programmes.

I did a piece on ancient beer for Chris Denims ‘The Local’ series.

I presented a programme ‘The Lost Land of Lyonaise’ for Carlton

I have been in various news  programmes in Britain demonstrating cooking techniques.

I am the Time Team food historian and have demonstrated prehistoric cooking in several programmes over the past five years.


I made a reconstruction of an Upper Palaeolithic house and talked about the artefacts of the period for the ‘Mysteries in the Landscape’ programme for BBC 2 October 2003


I have been a consultant and adviser for a programme for BBC 2 on ‘Otzi’, which was televised in February 2005.


I have written an adventure novel set in the Mesolithic (2006) and am currently writing the next book in the trilogy. The novel is presently available as an e-book.  I have not got as yet acquired a publisher for the novel, but a film producer is looking at it with a view to making a movie.